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About Acupuncture Needles…

Many people are concerned about the pain of needle insertion.  The truth is that acupuncture (when performed by a skilled practitioner) is generally painless.  Most people actually feel very relaxed during treatment!  If anything is felt at all, it is usually like a tiny hair being plucked out.  There may be a feeling of a heaviness or a dull achy sensation spreading throughout the limb or body.  This is known as obtaining “da qi”, and is the result of the movement of energy.

Some people are concerned about the safety of needles.  Rest assured, all needles used at Gorilla Acupuncture are sterile, one-time-use only and are disposed of immediately in a biohazard container.

Acupuncture generally does not leave any marks or bruising.  However there is a slight risk of a small bruise at the site of insertion, which is usually gone within a few days.