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Traditional Chinese Medicine Modalities: Herbal Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy is a very effective modality for many conditions.

herbal medicine in its raw form


Forms of Herbal Therapy include:
Pill (patent)
Topical Ointment or Solution

Loose or Bulk Herbal decoctions are the strongest, most effective and least expensive.  However, many people do not have the time to decoct fresh herbal formulas.  Some also dislike the smell or taste of cooked herbs.

Granular Herbs are highly effective, offer quick results and
are easier and more convenient to take than Loose/Bulk.

Patent Herbal Formulas are pre-made pills, ointments and extracts.  They are easy to ingest and often have little or no unpleasant taste.
Gentle on the system, they can be taken for extended periods of time.

patents come in a variety of pill-like forms from many different manufacturers.

Downside:  Patents can not be tailored to your particular condition.

No matter what form you decide to take, all herbal therapy is very effective.
Herbs provide around-the-clock treatment for your condition, supporting other therapies.
Herbs are usually much less expensive than allopathic medicine (pharmaceuticals).