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Traditional Chinese Medicine Modalities: Moxibustion

Moxibustion is commonly known as mugwort
(in Chinese as “Ai Aye”)…its effects include “warming the meridians and moving the blood”

Mugwort is the plant used to make moxa.

Warming the Meridians moves qi without leaving stagnation.  This is especially helpful with trauma, arthritis and any type of localized pain.

If a person is “yang xu” (cold, easily chilled) this herb can warm them.

Moxa comes in many different forms.

How Moxibustion is done:
Mugwort is dried and then placed either on the end of the needle, or held away from the skin
in the form of a “moxa pole”
or placed directly on the skin.

Moxa is generally not used directly on the skin.  On the rare exception when it is, there may be a small scar left on the site.  This side effect is uncommon.

Some people think moxa smells like marijuana, there is in fact no relation between the two herbs.  The odor of moxa is actually considered to be medicinal, and many enjoy moxa’s pleasant smell.