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Ear Seeds and Auricular Therapy

Ear Seeds and Auricular Therapy are two entirely different techniques.

Chart of Auricular Points

Auricular Therapy generally refers to acupuncture needle technique in the area of the ears.  The needles are removed at the end of treatment.

Ear seeds are tiny pellets made out of gold, silver or other type of metal (sometimes an actual Wang blu shin seed).  This seed is place in the ear and worn for several days.

Auricular therapy is generally painless just like all other skillfully performed acupuncture.  Ear seeds are sometimes painless, but on occasion a particular point in the ear may be sensitive, so there may be some discomfort.

Ear Seeds allow for extended stimulation of meridian points.  One to five ear seeds are placed in each ear.  Ear seed treatment lasts three days.  The patient removes the seeds themselves when the treatment period is complete (note: if irritation occurs, remove immediately).

The patient may assist the effectiveness of ear seeds by performing self massage on the seeded areas during the treatment period.  Stimulate the ear seeds 3-5 times a day until one feels a feeling of hot or numbness at the site of the seeds.