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About Sang

About Sang Ly Montage

Licensed Acupuncturist

Sang Montage Licensed Acupuncturist/Acupuncture 

Why did Sang get into Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine?

In 1997 Sang suffered a serious foot injury which caused several months of chronic pain.  She tried many alternative medicine modalities without success.  Having a phobia of needles, acupuncture was her last choice.  She decided to put aside her fears and see an acupuncturist.  After only a few sessions the pain was gone.

Because of her personal experience Sang realizes that people’s phobia of needles is real and powerful.  Many people are possessed by this fear to the extent that they won’t try acupuncture.  Sang is sympathetic to this difficulty because she wrangled it for herself – and is confident that you can overcome it too.

Impressed with the benefits and philosophy of the medicine Sang continued acupuncture treatment to maintain her overall health.  Eventually she realized she wanted to help others with the medicine that has served her so well.


Sang is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Oregon.  (AC#01047)

Sang is N.C.C.A.O.M. certified. (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).

Sang holds a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine which covers both Acupuncture and Herbal education.

Sang attended Southwest Acupuncture College in Albuquerque New Mexico where she was awarded a scholarship from Golden Flower Herbs.

Sang has also studied in Beijing China at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine.

She has completed Lonny Jarrett’s two year Clinical Integration program in Stockbridge MA.  The focus of this study is on contemporary Evolutionary Enlightenment, with an introductory to Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis based upon Leon Hammer’s work with the legendary Dr. Shen.  This style of pulse diagnosis allows the practitioner to help the patient prevent illness before it manifests.

Prior to her study with Lonny, Sang’s training has focused on Japanese Meridian theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She continued her pulse studies with Brandt Stickley and Ross Rosen.

In 2007 Sang opened Montage Oriental Medicine in Corvallis, Oregon.

In 2011 Sang went on an extended learning retreat in Thailand to study with a private hands-on Thai healer.  She obtained this goal and learned this woman’s skill set.  She has returned to beautiful Oregon and now resides in the beautiful Applegate Valley.

Sang has participated in learning with Master Tsuyoshi Shimamura in 2014 and looks forward to continued study with him.   Master Tsuyoshi Shimamura had the privledge of being with Master Nagano during his last days.  Master Nagano was still teaching Tsuyoshi until the very end.  Thank you to all of Master Nagano’s students who still teach his wisdom today.

Tsuyoshi Shimamura and Sang Montage

In 2015 Sang completed an 150 hour course study in  Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture with Kiiko’s protege, Monika Kobylecka and with Kiiko Matusmoto herself and earned her KMS certificate!

Studying with The Master Kiiko herself!

Studying with The Master:  Kiiko herself!


In early 2017, Sang started a two year study course with a master T.C.M. herbalist, Mazin Al-Kafaji in Chinese Dermatology.


What else has Sang been up to?

Sang has taught An Introduction to Oriental Medicine for The Heart of the Valley School of Massage in Corvallis.  She regularly offers workshops on Qi Gong and The Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the general public.  Sang recently taught an introductory course at The Frog Farm in Talkima, Oregon.  She loves sharing the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine with everyone!

She continues to hone and add to her skill set by attending conferences, seminars, and hands on lectures in topics that interest her.


Sang teaching

Feel free to connect and contact Sang to present something on Traditional Chinese Medicine at one of your events.



Sang likes to take a spoonful of her own medicine and rejuvenate Ling (Life Force) in nature with her husband Noah, and two dogs Baba and Little Prince Nelson.  Baba was adopted from Safe Haven in 2007.  Baba is one of Sang’s best teachers.  Little Prince Nelson is just a puppy and is teaching Sang the art of patience.


Sang has also found her love for chickens!  With a small brood of 14 hens and one fancy rooster, we have a flock of fun!

Pushington the Rooflock