Sang Ly MontageLicensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.)Applegate, OR1 (541) 708-3953 • e-mail (remove spaces): s a n g @ g o r i l l a c u p u n c t u r e . c o m

Going Mobile

Hello Everyone in E-Land!

Sang Ly Montage, L. Ac. of the Applegate Valley would like to announce the new service she has to offer.  It turns out the Acu-Mobile has morphed into something a little different than originally imagined.  Instead of pulling her clinic rig to the nearest parking lot near you.  Sang will be coming to your house personally.

There seems to be a need to take a step back in time and bring back the good ol’fashion house call.  Sang will be traveling two days a week in various areas.  She will be opening a clinic at: 3833 Humbug Creek Rd, Applegate, OR.

It has been thus far very rewarding and fun for her to travel to your homes.

Please call Sang at 1-541-231-6558 to schedule your appointment.

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