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Y Gorilla?

Gorilla is AN ATTITUDE.

Gorilla is D.I.Y. evolved.  See post on D.I.O.

Gorilla is NOT following formal grammatical guide lines or PUNctuation rules.

AnyONE can B a Gorilla.  It’s a CHOICE as with anything.

It is about stepping up to become the best part of your self.  It is about being part of A TROUPE aka band o’ gorilla’s.

It is about learning how to not be overburdened with the difficulties of life.  it’s about:

Shifting FOCUS.

Shifting Attitude.

Perhaps shifting Lifestyle.

BECOMING empowered.  Being STRONG.

It’s about being serious about the path you have found and are on. Or perhaps it’s all about changing the course and being STRONG to go forth.

It is about PARTICIPATION.  Being a Part of Some ThING bigger than yourself.

Hope you choose to become THE GORILLA that resides inside of U…(or maybe The Cat, Dog, Turkey…you choose!)

It’s the Inner Power we all Possess and are capable of becoming.

NOW, let's get to work! Together! 
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